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Symbolic Markers

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Symbolic markers are used in face to face communication and are used in a way to represent who one is inside, on the outside. It is a way to show how people the way one is to be perceived. These are used to either fit in with a group or standout. These markers are little things such as clothes, hair style, make-up, or piercings. These things all give an insight into a persons personality without meeting them. These initial judgements about people may not always be true though.


With the invention of CMC, symbolic markers no longer exist as they do in face to face communication. They are now transformed to fit CMC. For example the user name one picks for their instant messager name tells a little bit about them. A person with the user name HotGirl623 is probably going to recieve more IMs than a person with the name Meanboy45. But these representations are not always true. Also the buddy icon they pick or their online profile tells a little bit about their personality. These things all give a little insight into who the person yet not all of them can be determined unless a person IM's them.

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